Creative Walks Important Information

This information contains important detail about walking holidays, accommodation and security. Please read carefully.

Our descriptions
The details provided on this website are to our knowledge correct at the time the copy is written and information about local events, local sports facilities etc is usually based on information supplied by the hotel. Changes can take place in the course of the year and it is our intention to provide you with the most comprehensive information possible and as and when we are advised of changes we do our best to update the details in this website.
Walking holidays and suitability
If you choose a walking holiday, it is expected that you have a level of fitness suitable for the grade of the walk you have chosen. Grade 1 is the lightest and Grade 4 would be the toughest of any we offer. You need to be aware of your ability to cope with the terrain of each walk, the gradients involved and any risks such as steep paths with vertical drops. Many walks involve being on your feet and coping with variable conditions underfoot for at least 5 to 7 hours each day. These are normal conditions for walkers who are regular walkers. You should also make sure you have good equipment and clothing appropriate to the likely weather conditions and terrain you will encounter. A good map and a compass are a must. You should not rely on a mobile phone for guidance as signal strength may not be adequate in certain locations. A handheld GPS device can be bought or hired. Think in advance, too, about emergencies, provisions, shelter and water.

Hotel details
Hotel opening and closing dates
Hotels may change their opening and closing dates as well as the closing day of their restaurant at short notice.
Categories of hotels
Hotels are classified officially by local government and they conform to the standards required. The ‘star rating’ we state is the official rating of the hotel; it is not our own classification. Even so, you may find that the electric fittings, plumbing, bath and shower units and door locks etc are unfamiliar. Staircases too can be steep particularly in old buildings and smaller hotels. Family rooms sometimes consist of a room with a mezzanine level for the children reached by a staircase, which can be steep and unprotected. Hotels of the same star rating can vary in quality from country to country, region to region and even within the same star rating in the same region.
Hotel facilities
Seasonal closing times can change, and certain facilities are subject to mechanical problems, changes in the weather or require cleaning and can therefore be withdrawn at short notice without notification to us. If we know in advance, we do our best to advise you in turn. Pools can vary in size and do not usually have lifeguards present and children are requested not to use them without an adult present. You should not dive into pools if you are unaware of their depth. Outdoor swimming pools in Europe are usually operational from May until October but it does vary according to the weather. Maintenance work may have to take place in the course of the season. Again, if we are notified in advance, we will pass this information on to you. If sports facilities are mentioned as being ‘nearby’, this usually means in the case of tennis courts or cycle hire, in the nearest village or town and with golf, riding and water-sports usually within driving distance.
When breakfast is included it can be either Continental or Buffet or full English/Scottish. Where dinner is included it is usually a fixed menu with choice that changes daily.
Drinks at hotels
Tea and coffee is included with breakfast. Some hotels may supply bottle mineral water on a complimentary basis. All other drinks must be settled for directly with the hotel.
Dietary requirements
If you are a vegetarian, for example, or have any other dietary requirements, you should let us know at the time of booking and we will advise the hotels accordingly.
You must pay direct to the hotel before departure for any items of personal expenditure, including drinks, telephone, meals, garage costs etc other than the items that are included in the price of your holiday.
Check-in and check-out
Rooms will not usually be ready for you until after 3pm and most hotels require you to leave your room before 11am.
Building work
If building work is to take place at the hotel during your stay we do ask the hotels to advise us in advance so that we can warn you. Sometimes work extends beyond the expected timescale for completion. Obviously, emergency repairs sometimes have to be done without notice. If building work is taking place nearby (perhaps even next door or in the street outside) but not actually on the hotel’s own property, it is beyond their and our control and the hotel is not obliged to advise us in advance (although many do).
Hotel bedrooms
Hotels have rooms with queen size, king size and twin beds. We can request for you but cannot guarantee a particular type of bed. Bathrooms sometimes contain shower and WC rather than bath and WC, some hotels have bathrooms with bathtub and a separate shower. Extra beds are often sofa beds and existing bedding in the room is utilised. This if often the setup when children are free of charge in the room. If extra beds are added they are usually small beds suited for a child. Please note that hotel rooms in most European countries do not have tea/coffee making facilities.
Room descriptions
When we refer to a superior room, a deluxe room, a suite or junior suite in this brochure, it is usually the exact way the hotel describes the room. In some countries a suite is not necessarily a suite of rooms separated by doors but is more often a large bedroom with a sitting area, sometimes through an alcove but not always. A junior suite is usually a large bedroom with a sitting area.
When a client requests a ‘view’, this can lead to difficulties. Unless a ‘view’ is qualified such as sea view, garden view, courtyard view etc, a ‘view’ as in ‘pretty view’ is subjective and we cannot request this for you.
In some countries showers rather than bath are quite common even in a 4- or 5-star hotel. Hotels sometimes have a mixture of rooms with bath or shower or both. Sometimes the bathtub is only a small tub or a half-sized bath. If you have a preference, then this must be communicated to us at the time of booking and we will advise the hotel (although we will not be able to reconfirm it before the departure of your holiday and you should expect either type).
If we state that an hotel has air-conditioning, this can be a fully integrated unit or sometimes just a portable unit placed in your room. Air-conditioning is sometimes only in use from June to September.
Street life, local events, weddings and banquets
The way of life in countries we operate to, is different in that, because of the climate, work can start early in the morning, stop over the lunch-time and afternoon period and restart in the evening. This can result in a different pattern of local noise from the pattern you’re used to at home. In towns and cities traffic can be noisy. Even in the country, animals and agricultural machinery can be noisy. Local events such as processions, fairs and festivals may take place in towns and villages. Such events are integral to local life and do provide local colour. Weddings and banquets can be held at hotels. Some of our hotels do hold conferences, particularly out of high season. It is possible that you can be staying at an hotel when they’re hosting such a party. Some hotels do advise us at the time of booking if they know at that point what’s been planned. Others don’t necessarily advise us. Even though you are on holiday, local life has to continue and therefore rubbish must be collected and deliveries have to be made. These things may take place early in the morning.
Most of our hotels have a car park of their own. Most do not charge for use of an open-air car park but if they have a garage or a secure car park they will probably charge for it. Charges can vary from about Euro 10 to Euro 40 per day.
Credit cards
Credit cards are widely accepted, from hotels to petrol stations, motorway tolls and supermarkets. Mastercard and Visa are accepted almost without exception with American Express less readily welcomed.

Other details
Your holiday documentation
We aim to send you your holiday documentation about 3 weeks before the departure date of your holiday. It may be the case that, for administration purposes, your flight tickets will be sent to you after the rest of your holiday documentation.
Location representation
We do not employ local representatives in any destinations. In France, Portugal and for some of the walks in Great Britain, a local agent can be contacted in an emergency. Those details will be given with your documentation. You will also be given a 24-hour emergency number for Creative Walks.
Changes to your booking
We work very hard to arrange your holiday. If, once we have made the arrangements, you want to make changes, then we will of course do our best to accommodate you. However, changes do cost time and money and therefore charges do have to be made. The level of charges is detailed in our booking conditions.
We stress most strongly that all our clients should be adequately insured (in case of illness abroad or cancellation or curtailment due to unforeseen circumstances). Please remember that we cannot be liable for any costs, losses and liabilities which may be incurred and which are not our liability under the terms of the contract governing these holidays if you have not taken out adequate insurance. Additional requirements are needed for scuba diving, such as a doctor’s certificate. You should also ensure that your insurance does cover you for any activities you might wish to undertake whilst abroad.
Government information
We strongly advise that before you book your holiday you check with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCDO) website from which you can obtain up-to-date information about worldwide destinations. This site gives details about trouble spots as well as general advice about most countries e.g. passport and visa rules, safety and security and health advice. We advise most strongly that you visit the site to check notices about your intended destination before you book your holiday and travel.
You should check with your doctor at the time of booking for information on any obligatory vaccinations that are required for the countries you are visiting as requirements do change. A leaflet is available from the Department of Health called ‘Health Advice to Travellers’, by telephoning 0800 555777. If you are suffering from any disability or illness, this should be communicated to us at the time of booking. Please note that pregnant passengers are not accepted by airlines usually after about 28 weeks into the pregnancy. You should check this with us before you make a booking.
Passports and visas
A full British passport is required for travel to all countries on this site (except Great Britain for GB citizens). Please bear in mind that it is your responsibility to ensure that your passport is valid and still has six months validity before you book your holiday and it can take some time to obtain a new one. Each individual needs his or her own passport so if you are thinking about taking an infant, allow plenty of time to get a passport. You must check the FCDO website to see if a visa is required for your destination as rules can change from time to time.
Please bear in mind that Mediterranean countries do have very hot summers when the sun is very strong. You should ensure that you have adequate sun lotions and creams with you for all members of the family and obviously keep children out of the sun at times of day when it is strongest. Adequate headwear and cover-ups should be taken with you.
Security and personal safety
You must take care not to be lulled into a false sense of security when on holiday and you must only undertake to do what you are comfortable with, especially with regard to your children and their care. You should be aware that you are still always responsible for them ultimately even if you ask a hotel to book a babysitter for you etc. When travelling you should take sensible precautions wherever you are and take care of money and personal valuables when passing through crowded public places and in cities in particular.
Getting around
If driving abroad you should take extra care in unfamiliar surroundings and be careful of the condition of local roads and local driving habits.
Precautions to prevent crime are often a matter of common sense. We would like to remind you when on holiday to take care, remember to lock possessions away from sight, be careful of handbags, wallets and purses in public and especially in crowded places, keep car doors locked, keep valuables out of sight even when you’re in the car, use the room or hotel safe for valuables. These are just a few examples.